EDI Express is commited to providing the highest level of freight service. We are typically 1-3 days faster than our competitors and will not over handle your valuable freight.
2-person sleeper teams
No break bulk
Lowest claims ratio in the industry

We use only two person sleeper teams who run direct with no "break bulk" consolidation hubs.

This enables us to provide the fastest over- the-road transit times on record while reducing the number of times a shipment gets handled. If you compare our service schedule you will see we have many lanes that are comparable to "Air Freight" transit times. All of our shipments are moved over the road via non-stop sleaper teams and involve no use of rail.
3-5 day transit time between California & the entire Northeast
3-5 days from California to Georgia, Florida, North Carolina & South Carolina
2-3 day transit time between Florida and Metro New York / New Jersey

EDI Express offers an expedited 3-5 day service between California, the Mid West and East Coast. This compares with a typical 5-10 day service offered by other trucking companies. No trucking company gives you this service, without charging premium rates.

EDI Express sole purpose is to offer fast, direct, coast to coast service. This means customer shipment’s that are the furthest distance away will always get their goods faster and damage free. A JIT (Just In Time) shipment benefits your company and its customers by lowering inventory costs. We can also help lower production costs by getting raw materials and supplies from the furthest vendors by providing JIT shipments that reduces inventory cycles and production downtime.

EDI Express is committed to giving you the best value for your transportation dollar. We are very confident that we will save you time and money on all your shipments.

EDI EXPRESS Guaranteed Shipments. We deliver on time or the bill is on us!
At EDI Express we understand the importance of delivering freight to it's destination on time and damage free. With our new guaranteed service we promise to meet our expedited transit times or you dont pay.
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